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My love of sport began when I was introduced to sport at 4 years of age. I competed competitively in athletics and swimming and performed at ballet and Irish dancing shows! I excelled at sprints, racing into my late teens which came to a sudden end due to knee injuries. For the first time since I was 4, sport didn’t play a major role in my life. Something was missing, I became unsettled and the urge to get involved in some form of sport again was constant and unrelenting!
My brother, Adam, designed a plan for me that introduced me to weight training. Together, with my new found love of shaping my body through weight training and with my strong nutrition sense, I transformed my body, mind set and outlook on life.
Bodybuilding doesn’t just build the body, it builds character, teaches you invaluable life lessons (You get out what you put in) and most importantly, you learn to love yourself more than ever before. You do it for YOU.


My sporting background has always been very diverse, from athletics to swimming to rugby and even ballet (thanks mum). I was required to build up some mass for rugby which introduced me to weightlifting. It was love at first rep. I saw consistent improvements in my physique and my outlook on life. Positive thinking and having a goal you know you WILL achieve has a knock on effect to every aspect of life.
I enjoy the process. I learned from my mistakes through years of trial and error, knowing what works and what works best. I walk into the gym with a plan.
Trust the process. Love the process. Love yourself. Love life. You’re here to enjoy life, make the most of it! Are you making the most of yours?

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